King of the Hammers Race

The King of the Hammer’s is an off-road race in the desert of Johnson Valley, CA and is arguably the Toughest desert race in the world.  The course is incredibly difficult, in fact less than 50% of the entrants finish the race! This race integrates open desert racing with the worlds toughest Hammers rock trails! The 6-day event is held on Means Dry Lake bed and will be attended by a “who's-who” in off-road speed racers and rock crawling competitors. In addition, every print magazine in the industry, and filmed from the ground and helicopter for a DVD and television.  Last year over 35,000 people watched the race in person and countless more via live internet updates on

Race Location:

  • Location: Means Dry Lake, Johnson Valley, CA
  • Date: The week long event starts Feb 1rd, RACE is on Friday - Feb 8th & Awards on Saturday Feb 9th.
  • Official Starting order is decided by a 3 mile qualifier Tuesday and Wednesday before the race.
  • Official Event Sponsors

2011 Race History & Results:
In 2011 GenRight Off Road took 2nd place behind Shannon Campbell in the 5th running of the race!

2010 Race History & Results:

In 2010 GenRight Off Road stepped up to become an official sponsor of the Griffin King of the Hammers race.  Since we are the Official Suspension System of the 2010 King of the Hammers we decided to build a V8 powered buggy with our full GenRight suspension to prove our products can hold up to the toughest race on the planet.

The GenRight race car #805 features: King Quad bypass & coil over shocks, Currie Rock Jock 60 Axles, Goodyear 42" MT/R tires, Atlas Transfer case, Mopar V8 engine, Walker Evans wheels, Beard seats & HIDx lights.

Top of the sand hill at RM33

The car was piloted by none other than our founder & President, Tony Pellegrino and his co-driver Richie Carter battled out the 135 mile race course with 99 other qualified drivers from around the world. They started in 92nd position (at 8:22am) and at one point pushed their way to 5th place! "The car was fast", claimed Tony in fact he passed 74 cars before returning to the main pit at race mile 36.

However, after a flat tire, a flop over on Sunbonnet and some big traffic jams on the race course, they finished at 5:03pm (in the daylight) in 14th place! Finishing ahead of previous winners, Jason Sherer and Shannon Campbell.

Not bad for a bunch of Jeep guys...

There are a bunch of videos from the race being posted all over the internet:
1) Tony on Sledgehammer:

2) Tony on Aftershock, at about 6 mins 30 secs: where we areright on Casey Currie’s tail. J

3) Tony trying to get around traffic on Chocolate Thunder:

More pictures from the race below:

At the end of the day Tony was happy to finish the race before dark and proudly said "a day that would not have been possible without the help of my team!"

October 10, 2009: GenRight Off-Road becomes the Official Suspension of the 2010 Griffin King of the Hammer’s.

We believe by running our“Jeep” in this years race, we will be setting ourselves apart from almost every other entrant!  We intend to prove that the Jeep platform equipped with our suspension and other protection components, can compete and successfully finish in this grueling race. Tony Pellegrino, GenRight’s owner, will be driving the GenRight Jeep in the race and be the face of GenRight to the media.

GenRight will be out at the Hammers to pre-run and tune the Jeep starting November 16th.

Come out to watch the Red GenRight Jeep tear up famous trails like Sledgehammer & Outer Limits!

GenRight1 Red JEEP SPECS:
1987 Jeep Wrangler, 6cyl, 5 speed trans, GenRight Legend COMP link suspension front and rear, King coil over shocks, King air bumps, Atlas 2, 5:1 Transfer case, Currie Rock Jock 60 axles front & rear, Super 60 gears in 5.38 ratio with Detriot lockers, 42" Goodyear Kevlar MT/R tires on Walker Evans Racing wheels, Beard Seats, Ramsey winch, Viking winch line, everything else is GenRight (cage, alum corners, rockers, fenders, etc.).