Currie Rock Jock 60 Axle, FRONT


This is a complete Currie Rock Jock 60 FRONT Axle from GenRight Off Road. We stock this axle in a configuration that we know works best for Jeep guys on 37" to 42" tires.

We figured out a long time ago that new axles built from scratch are the way to go! You get a hi-pinion in front or rear. All the geometry (castor and pinion angle) is correct and you get Hi-Steer on knuckles that were meant to have hi-steer!

Currie uses REAL full size Dana 60 ring and pinions. 35 spline axles that are 1-1/2” diameter and super thick axle tubes. We order all axles with no brackets so they get welded on by you in the proper location that is specific to your vehicle!

These axles are also manufactured with a rotated diff cover to prevent leaking from damage on the trail.

SPECS for axles stocked at GenRight:

  • 65" wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface.
  • Locker (Detroit or ARB).
  • 5.38 Gear Ratio (STD or Super 60).
  • Hi-Pinion. 
  • Disc Brakes (new Larger JK rotors and calipers).
  • 5 on 5-1/2 bolt pattern only.
  • 1-1/2" diameter 35 spline axles.
  • Locking Hubs.
  • Hi-Steer Knuckles with blank arms (for double sheer).
  • Machined Diff case is tapped to mount a single upper control arm (rear includes bridge).
  • Super thick axle tubes.
  • Super thick Diff cover.
  • 1350 Yoke.
  • No Control arm or Trac bar brackets on this axle.


  • Available in Drivers side or Passenger side "drop" (TJ & YJ are driverside).
  • This is a "bare" (no brackets) axle, as we feel it is best to position the axle first then attach the brackets in the optimum position and location for your vehicle (allowing for bigger tires or stretched wheelbases).
  • The brakes will require a "banjo" style connection that may be larger than your existing brake line.
  • If installing these on a Jeep with a steering box, you will need to order our STK-2503, STK-5750 and STK-5755 to complete the Hi-Steering on the axle / vehicle.
  • Control arm and trac bar mounting brackets are sold separatley and require welding to install them.

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