EXT Stretch Package

This is the GenRight "EXT" Stretch Package for up to 5" of wheelbase stretch in a Jeep TJ, YJ or CJ-7. This is the same package we use on our Red GenRight Jeep. Mostly because our Jeep is still a daily driver and you can still mount a rear wheel flare on these corner guards.

We have taken all the guess work out of determining the proper combination of GenRight products. This package was designed to give you everything you need to stretch your Jeep up to 5" cleanly.

Don't worry, the kits are specific to each type Jeep: TJ, YJ or CJ-7.

Each kit includes:

You should also consider the following parts:

  • Our Rear 4 link suspension kit (R4LINKKIT)
  • Our outboard rear shock mounts (RSM1001)
  • Coil over shocks, since you will need to relocate the spring & shock anyway (KING)
  • Our rear sway bar, better road manners (SWB1003)
  • Rear Axle Bridge (truss) (RSM5515)
  • LED Tail lights, a nice upgrade while you are at it (LED1200)
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    I got 5" of stretch in the back with my Gen-right tank and a 14-bolt in my YJ. I'm sure you could get 6 with a 60. I also have the Gen-Right rockers and one of our company TJ's has the rear corners. Both very nice quality. I know there are several companies out there that make these "stretch packages". I chose Gen-Right because of there service and was very happy with the product.

    Let Tony know, the stretch kit has been worth every penny! Gary S.

    The advantages of moving my rear wheels back 5" is amazing. Departure angle is fantastic, and when crawling a tall hill or waterfall no more of that (I'm gonna flip over backwards felling). Keith in Cal.

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