JK 20 Gal Dual Gas Tank

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Never hassle with transporting and transferring gas from gas cans again with the 20 gallon GenRight JK additional tank!

This additional rear mounted tank is designed to occupy the rear space under the body where the factory muffler sits. This tank will give you a 600 mile range between fill ups! The extra 20 gallon tank increases your total capacity in a 4 door JK to 45 gallons!

The nice part is you will not notice the extra gas tank since it is mounted under the body in the very rear of the vehicle and fills through the stock gas cap.

It was specifically designed to be mounted under the rear cargo area of a Jeep JK so you can keep the center of gravity low!

This tank follows in a line of innovative and trail proven heavy duty gas tanks produced by GenRight. 

The tank is not a "transfer tank" it is a completely redundant tank with it's own fuel pump that is switched by you from the dash. Both tanks tie back into the factory fuel and emissions equipment so you won't get any check engine light or have computer issues.

  • Hangs no lower than the factory muffler did (does not hurt departure angle).
  • Additional 20 gallon fuel capacity.
  • Mounting location keeps center of gravity low.
  • Accepts the stock Jeep fuel pump module.
  • 1/8" thick Aluminum alloy tank is TIG welded.
  • Foam liner between tank & skid plate.
  • Includes a 3/16" thick heavy duty steel skid plate.
  • Stainless steel hold down strap.
  • Fits in both the 2 and 4 door JK models (2007 to Current). 
  • All tanks are 100% pressure tested.
  • Patent Pending.


  • Fully assembled fuel tank in a Heavy Duty skid plate.
  • New factory Mopar roll over / vent valves.
  • New tubing to adapt tank to new mounting location.
  • New cargo area floor cover (BKT-8100).
  • Dual tank wiring harness (GST-8100).

Additional NOTES:

  • Requires the purchase of another factory Jeep fuel pump module (from Jeep dealer).
  • Because of the mounting location, installation of this product requires changes to the exhaust.
  • Requires removal of the rear floor tool storage area (in rear floor), but we provide a floor cover plate.
  • To install this product it does NOT require a body lift.
  • Requires removal of the stock sway bar, but will work with Currie "AntiRock" rear sway bars. Sold Separately.
  • Aftermarket Lifts, that use a different trac bar may be an issue, as the tank was designed to fit with the stock rear trac bar.
  • Can be used with factory tow hitch. 
  • Driving range quoted above is calculated on 40 gallons at 15 miles/gallon.

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    GenRight installed my tank in Jan 2011. I have a fuel capacity of 16 in the factory tank and an additional 20 gallons in the Aux. I have a driving range of about 500 miles. Both tanks fill from the factory fill at the same time. Each tank is equipped with its own fuel pump that supplies fuel directly to the engine. A switch on the dash controls which tank is providing fuel. The factory fuel gauge reads the fuel level in the selected tank. The fuel gauge takes about 10 minutes to read correctly after you switch tanks. In the event of an electronics failure the system automatically defaults back to the factory tank. My experiences with the tank has been very good. So far I've taken it on several multiple-day excursions into Death Valley; it has been to Moab and on the Rubicon trail. The tank itself is aluminum and comes with a heavy duty steel skid plate to protect it. The Aux tank when filled makes the jeep tail heavy. I use the Aux tank first for travel and then use the factory tank off road to help minimize the weight issue when driving off road. I've had 1 small problem with the tank. While doing Cliffhanger in Moab I dropped off of a tall ledge and suffered an electrical problem that shorted out my rock lights, cut my CB coax cable, and cut a wire to the switch that controls the fuel tank. The Aux tank responded as designed and defaulted back to the factory tank. This design prevented me from being stranded on the trail diagnosing an electrical fault. The installation itself was completed by GenRight so I can't discuss the procedure. The installation requires the removal of the rear floor storage. The muffler must be relocated in front of the rear axle. The factory sway bar must be removed. The only sway bar that currently works is the Currie anti-rock as it mounts above the frame rail. If you have a 2 door; as I do, I would recommend using the 4 door version of the anti-rock as it is slightly bigger than the 2dr version and would help control the extra weight better. My aftermarket track bar also had to be modified to provide clearance for the aux tank. During the install GenRight called me and said that my aftermarket rear bumper-tire carrier weighed in at over 300lbs with my spare tire. They said that this amount of weight combined with the aux fuel tank and 20 gallons of fuel would make my jeep very tail heavy which would affect my ability to climb very steep angles. While in Moab, I noted that GenRight was correct and that my front end would “get light” on very steep climbs. When I returned I installed GenRights Steel rear bumper and Aluminum tire carrier. I estimate that I was able to remove about 150lbs off of the back of my jeep. Jeep climbs much better now. In summary, GenRight’s aux tank has been a great purchase for me. It has allowed me access to a lot more remote locations without having to carry fuel cans in the jeep or hanging cans off the back.

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