LED Stealth Marker & Blinker Light Kit, 4 light


This is the GenRight Off Road 4 light Stealth Side Marker Light Kit. It includes the hard to find super bright amber colored LED's. It can be used as a front blinker & running light.

GenRight has packaged this Stealth L.E.D. kit specifically for use with our tube front fenders (although it will work with other brand tube fenders too).


  • Small lights are super clean on Jeep.
  • (2) Rectangular shaped LED's (for side markers).
  • (2) Round Shaped LED's fit into any 3/4" diameter hole.
  • Super bright AMBER color LED's in each lamp.
  • Stamped D.O.T. legal.
  • Aluminum bracket is designed to fit on the bottom of a Jeep fender hood latch bolt.
  • Sold as a set (kit).
  • Includes all stainless necessary mounting hardware.
  • 6" long leads.
  • Super low amperage draw. 
  • Basic installation instructions are included.


  • Each LED in this kit are SINGLE function. Meaning the side marker is just a side marker and the blinker is just the blinker (unlike the factory multi function light of the front of the factory Jeep fender of a TJ).
  • Polarity matters on LED bulbs, you must match positive to positive and negative to negative or the LED will not light up.
  • Installing this kit will require cutting and splicing into the factory wiring harness.
  • Installation of this kit onto GenRight Tube fenders does NOT require drilling (we use existing holes).
  • modified flasher unit or “electronic” flasher will be required to make LED lights flash.
  • Dimensions of the rectangular LED side marker light are: 2-5/8" total length x 3/4" wide. Bolt hole center is 2" for 1/8" bolts.

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    These work perfect. Got my ticket signed off without a problem. CHP sure can be whiners here in California.

    I have these on my TJ Tube fenders. Slammed the rectanglular one hard on a rock in the Gatekeeper and just scratched the lens a little. These are great little lights.

    I bought the side marker light kit when I purchased my vented tube aluminum fenders. Even though there are lights on the front of my 1992 Jeep Wrangler that accommodate the blinkers, it is still worth having the side marker lights installed. They look great and no worries about getting a fix it ticket that is un-necessary!

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