LED 3/4" Round, Clear

This is two of the 3/4" round CLEAR Stealth L.E.D. lights specifically designed to fit in any 3/4" dimeter hole.

Kit includes one pair of Clear 3/4" round LED's and the rubber mounting gromets.

These lights can be used for interior, back up or tiny rock lights!

These clear (or white) LED lights are nearly flush and a clean design!

  • Hi gloss multi faceted lenses throw a nice flood of light. 
  • Flush mount design will not get bashed on the trail.
  • Durable molded design is vibration and water proof.
  • High intensity LED (Light Emitting Diode) pattern.
  • Each lamp has 1 high power LED.
  • Sold as a pair.
  • Simple to wire and very low amperage draw.


  • (2) LED light housings (as pictured above)
  • (2) Rubber mounting gromet
  • (2) 9" long wiring pig tails
  • Cutting a 3/4" diameter hole to mount these LED lights.
  • Crimp connectors or soldering iron to re-connect wires to stock harness.  

NOTE: By removing your factory tail lights, you may need to install optional back up lights, like these.

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