Limit Strap, Quad Wrap


This is a heavy duty competition quality "quad wrap" limit strap. We recommend these straps be used at each wheel and in the centers of the axles. This will remove the stress from your shocks and other vulnerable suspension & driveline components when the vehicle is being pushed to it's limits. Yes, we use these same straps on EVERY Jeep we build here at GenRight.


  • Quad Wrap (means 4 layers of material over the metal tab)
  • Tabs accept 1/2" size bolts
  • Sold individually
  • Mounting tabs (weld on type) sold separately


  • Limit straps should be slightly shorter than the shock at full droop.
  • We recommend the center limit straps are typically 4" longer than the mounting tab distance when at ride height.
  • We offer straps from 6" to 20" long in two inch increments. Please select quantity AND size from drop down menu.
  • Straps are sold individually.
  • Mounting tabs are also sold separately.
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