Why Stretch?

Why do you need a "Stretched" wheelbase?

Simply because when you lift a Jeep and put bigger tires on it you loose the original HEIGHT-to-LENGTH ratio that made it so capable from the factory. This ratio is further exaggerated when we add bigger tires and lower gears (to the axles or transfer case) which create more torque resulting in a very unstable feeling on and off-road!
That is why in 2003 our founder
Tony Pellegrino developed the innovative & revolutionary Crawler EXT gas tank to extend the wheelbase of a jeep without cutting the body and frame in half.
These specially made gas tank(s) have been re-shaped to allow more space for the rear axle to be moved back up to 5" (with a Dana 44 or 4” with a Dana 60) by lengthening the suspension control arms (or leafs) NOT the traditional way of cutting the body and frame!

With just a little work our “stretch” kit will allow a Jeeps to achieve our “MAGIC 100” wheelbase, which is the ideal wheelbase length for a Jeep Wrangler with a 4” lift on 37” tires.

After introducing the gas tank, we have added functional and cosmetic body panels (Corner Guards & Rocker Guards) that have also been lengthened to make a "stretched" vehicle look super clean and hardly noticeable (like the one pictured below on 40's!).

Then there are the hidden benefits:

  • Better departure angle (body has less overhang).
  • More room for larger aftermarket axles (Dana 60's or bigger).
  • Improved driveline angles (because the rear driveshaft is now longer).

Now we offer a complete line of gas tanks & suspension components to achieve a variety of "Stretch" wheelbase lengths to meet the demands of off-road enthusiasts at all levels.

Still not a believer? Take a look at every GenRight Jeep we have. Every Jeep is 100” or longer. We have built a variety of Jeeps over the years and have expanded our product line to make building you rig fun and affordable.

Please call and speak to one of our Jeep experts if you have more questions at 805-584-8635, 8am-5pm Mon – Fri PST.


  • Stock wheelbase on a TJ, YJ or CJ-7 is 93” once lifted most wheelbases get shorter, making the problem worse!
  • Stock wheelbase on a Jeep LJ (Unlimited) is 103”
  • Our street legal Red GenRight Jeep on 40” tires runs the most difficult trails all over the country 42 out of 52 weeks per year. After 6 years it still looks great!